Bea Szenfeld + Björk = True

The Polar Music Prize 2010 is being awarded to Icelandic artist Björk. During the award ceremony the star wore a Bea Szenfeld garment. It´s a handmade piece from Szenfelds latest collection, “Sur la Plage”.

The suit jacket is totally made out of three-dimensional paper sequins. This shimmering pinkmetallic garment is a part of a magnificent haute peppier collection. The inspiration for the “Sur la Plage” collection is sailor folklore, deadly poisonous puffer fishes and seductive sea nymphs. With artfully cut and folded paper Szenfeld has created 12 amazing and imaginative creations.

This is not the first time Björk shows her interest in the Bea Szenfeld design. Earlier this year the artist lent a selection of garments from “Sur la Plage” collection for a photo shoot for the British magazine AnOther Magazine.

Photo: Karin Törnblom.

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  1. I do think it’s wonderful that a young designer get worldwide credit for the incredible jacket Björk borrowed; yes, borrowed! She should have rented it and supported Bea.

  2. Whoa! Inte undra på att Bea var så glad i Naims plagg i papper på Project Runway 2012 :D

    Btw, Björks jacka var helt fantastisk!

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