Académie des Femmes

The collection Académie des Femmes (Women’s Academy) for spring/summer 09 is a tribute to the American expatriate Natalie Clifford Barney who started a literary salon in Paris in the year 1900. For more than 60 years every Friday she brought together writers and artists from around the world. Among the visitors were art collector and patron Peggy Guggenheim, actress Sarah Bernhardt, painters Tamara de Lempicka and Marie Laurencin and dancer Isadora Duncan. What made Barney’s Fridays the place to be was the fact that it was acceptable to be who you were. Throughout her life Natalie Barney promoted art, and created her life into a work of art. She celebrated everything female, praising womens power and intelligence. She was an advocate of the equal social and economic rights of women before the women’s liberation movement existed. Natalie Clifford Barney transformed the world around her and she will always be remembered as the Amazon who not only knew creative people, but also inspired them.

The spring/summer 09 collection is inspired from usually incompatible styles from the “Belle epoque“ to the 1980s fashion from TV dramas like “Dallas“, 50s glamour to loose and flowing ancient Greek fashion. “Académie des Femmes“ create a feeling of amazing kaleidoscope of colours and forms. The quality is everywhere in the materials (silk, soft cottons and ramie), the immaculate line, perfect cut and manufacture. Fitted bodice and full skirt dresses, remarkable dolman sleeves, tailored slacks with high weist and trench coats with androgynous look. The major accents are elegance, comfort and style.

Styling/Set design by Bea Szenfeld.

Photography by Ulrich Lofgren.